I ensure that your own words are just right so that you can just write in your own words

I understand your piece of writing is your pride, your joy, your creation, your inspiration and your symphony of words. I will gently and with great respect work through your manuscript meticulously so that every comma, full stop and sentence is exactly where it should be.  I will work collaboratively with you to get the best possible outcome for your work and be confidently ready for publishing. 


Developmental Editing

Analysing a manuscript, focusing on big-picture issues.

Line Editing

Looking at language issues and organisation at the paragraph level.

Copy Editing

Focusing on mechanical issues, such as spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Correcting minor errors, inconsistencies, and formatting issues.

Beta Reading

Providing feedback from a reader’s point of view on big-picture issues.


Ghost Writing

Resume Writing

Medical, Legal, and Academic report typing

Transcription Typing

Caption Writing

Copy Writing

“Thanks so much for your quick turnaround!

I will have a look at the suggestions! BUT I love your so-called carried away-ness as it gives us more to think about.
I am so glad you also enjoyed the story because it makes the task twice as exhilarating! Will shout if there is anything that needs clarity on the comments.

Stay great as you are!”

Enkosi / Thank You / Dankie,
Yanga Gceya
Senior Account Manager, Soapbox South Africa

“Louise is an excellent professional editor and author to work with. Even with almost impossible deadlines, she delivered the projects on time without quality suffering. She provides excellent service, and her friendly personality and pleasant attitude make it a pleasure to take on projects with her. I would not hesitate to use her services for future projects and endeavours.”

Marike Beyleveld
Full Circle Advertising and Graphic Design

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